Environment and Pharmaceuticals

Here you can find information for the environmental impact of
pharmaceuticals. You can search for the product name, the 
substance name or to get an overview, search for ATC Code
(ATC group). Unless otherwise is stated, the environmental
impact means impact of pharmaceuticals when used.

Information for the classification
The first search view presents information about the classification of the environmental hazard and the environmental risk. The environmental hazard is classified from 0-9, where a high number indicates high properties for making an environmental impact.

The classification of the risk comes from fass.se and is based on theoretical calculations of the risk, posed by the pharmaceutical substances when used at their current extent in Sweden. For more information see in the menu to the right, Classification.

More information
For information beyond classification, click on the bluprinted document name. Then you can find information about which products on the Swedish market containing the substance. Substances included in the Stockholm County Council's table of pharmaceuticals with a negative environmental impact has been completed with additional environmental information of their occurance in water etc.

The information for other substances will gradually be completed with additional information.


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