About the Environment and Pharmaceuticals

Contributing to the reduction of environmental risks from pharmaceuticals is an important part of the environmental work of Stockholm County Council. According to the Environmental Challenge 2016, the Council´s 2012-2016 Environmental Programme, the Council is mandated to i.a.do preventive environmental health work. This involves fostering healthy inhabitants in an environment with clean air and water. To reduce the most environmentally hazardous remains of medicinal  products in the natural surroundings is therefore an important part of the environmental work of the County Council. One aspect of this work is the assessment and classification of pharmaceuticals according to their impact on the environment. 

The pharmaceuticals are classified both in terms of their inherent capacity to affect the environment(environmental hazard), and as regarding the environmental risk posed by the pharmaceutical substances when used to their current extent. The environmental hazard assessment was initiated in 2003 by Environmental Department of the Stockholm County Council. During 2005, the classification was extended to also cover an environmental risk assessment carried out by The Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Lif).  

The classification system is used in considering the environmental impact of the pharmaceuticals on the so called Wise List, a list of recommended pharmaceuticals for common diseases in Stockholm County Council, issued by  the Drug and Therapeutics Committee.

Contact Information

Siv Martini
M Sc Pharm
E-mail: janusredaktionen@sll.se
Department of Support for Evidence-Based Medicine,
Stockholm County Council


Last updated: 2014-02-24