Regionernas samverkansmodell för läkemedel och medicintekniska produkter.

This is how we work

Publicerat 2021-06-23

Through the nationally managed introduction, all of Sweden's regions collaborate to achieve an equal, cost-effective and appropriate use of new medical devices (medtech) throughout the country. The Medical Technology Product Council (MTP Council, or the MTP-Rådet) determines which medical devices are suitable for national collaboration and provides recommendations on how they should be introduced and used.

This national managed introduction is conducted within the framework of the regions' collaboration model for medical technology, which is part of the national system for knowledge management in healthcare. It also includes an evaluation group that prepares and follows up the regions' joint actions.

The MTP Council and the evaluation group are appointed by the six collaborating regions for healthcare. In turn, the regions' partnership model for medical technology is coordinated and managed by SKR. This work takes place in cooperation with the Swedish Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency (TLV), and is also based on close collaboration with other relevant authorities, clinical experts, medtech companies and patients.

Follow the various steps in the process of national managed introduction below.

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